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Renting A Car In Uganda During Wet Season

Car rental services have become the most preferred option for travelers to connect to their destinations not only on Uganda safaris but also while on most African safaris. If you have any plans to visit Uganda for a holiday, renting a car is one thing you should consider. Uganda is an all-year-round destination, and whether you plan to travel during the dry or wet/rainy season, it is possible to hire a car for your road trip.

You can hire a car in Uganda for self-drive tours, family road trips, leisure, business trips, adventure trips, or small and large group travels. Renting a car in Uganda during the wet season comes with its own pros and cons. In this article, we also bring to you incredible tips for budget experience and the safety of renting a car during the wet season in Uganda.

Advantages of renting a car during the wet season in Uganda

Discount offers

In order to attract more clients often car hire service providers avail discount offers, especially during the wet or rainy season. The discount offers can land you the best luxury car for your road trip and help you save for other expenses. Even if there are no set discounted offers, you have room to negotiate or request some discount.

No need to own a car

When you think of a road trip to a new destination like Uganda, there is no need for you to own a car. There are a variety of rental cars suitable for all visitors’ travel interests whether you are visiting for business or leisure. This means you can just fly from your home country to the Pearl of Africa and use the rental car.

Hire a car at a lower price

The low/rainy/wet season is always off-season of the year and the interesting part about it is that it is possible to hire the car of your dream at the lowest rate possible, unlike the peak season. This also provides budget travelers a chance to travel, often it is considered backpacker’s season.

More rental car options

During the wet season, low numbers of travelers are often recorded in most destinations. Most car hire companies have their cars parked during this period thus giving you the opportunity to choose from the many available options for your Uganda road trip. Our safari vehicle choices include Toyota Rav4, Nissan Patrol, Safari Van, Toyota Safari Land Cruiser full-time 4×4, Land Cruiser TX, TZ, V8, Super Custom, and others.

Road assistance guaranteed

Unlike the peak season, during the wet or low season, it is easier to find another rental car in case there is a breakdown on your road trip. This guarantees road assistance and continuity in your road trip.

Disadvantages of renting a car

Strict terms and conditions for renting a car

Whether it is the dry or rainy season, different car hire companies have their set terms and conditions that must be observed. These terms for car hire are strict and often require that you return the vehicle in the same state that you took it. Any damages may come at a cost that can be levied on you.


When you rent a car in Uganda, not all of you in your travel group can drive it. Only a person with a valid driving license or international driver’s permit and he/she is within the acceptable driving age (20 years) can drive a rental car.

Bad weather

Hiring a car and driving it during the wet season usually comes with some challenges including bad weather. It can rain at any time and navigating through the remotest routes in upcountry destinations can be challenging.

When does the rainy season occur in Uganda?

The rainy or wet season in Uganda occurs twice a year. The longest wet season/months start from March, April, to May and short rainy months start from October to November. Even during the season, there is the possibility of experiencing sunshine.

Tips for renting a car in Uganda during the wet season or on budget

Book your vehicle in advance

Hiring a car early comes with numerous benefits including finding your dream rental car; enjoying discount offers and so much more. You should secure a car early before the actual date of traveling to your dream destination.

Research & deal with a reputable car hire company

Before you rent a car in Uganda with a particular car hire company, adequate research must be conducted. You can find a long list of car hire service providers online to deal with, but consider dealing with a reputable agency and perhaps one with higher discount offers.

Conduct thorough inspection

Prior to setting off to your destination using a rental car, don’t forget to conduct a thorough inspection of the car that you plan to use. Take a record of any damages and let the service provider know about them to avoid incurring costs on damages you didn’t cause.

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