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Tips for a Successful Self Guided Tour in Uganda

Having a successful safari outside your country is one of the splendid experiences that create a lifetime memory to adventurous travellers. On the African continent, Uganda – the Pearl of Africa is among the best countries that are good for a self-drive holiday safari due to its abundance tourists attractions like snow-capped mountains, large freshwater bodies, rivers, forests, game reserves and national parks. The country is bordered by Kenya to the East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, South Sudan to the North, Rwanda to the southwest and Tanzania to the south. In the southern part, the country occupies part of Lake Victoria which is shared with Kenya and Tanzania.

For the success of your self-drive safari in Uganda, there is different travel itineraries designed to help you throughout your beautiful trip. Uganda encompasses a number of car rental companies that provide visitors with different services like car hire services, booking and reserving accommodations for the clients, airport transfer services and many others. For a success of your Uganda self- drive safari, below are some of the tips that will help you achieving your wish;

Proper planning

Before starting off your journey to any Uganda destination, a proper planning should be made. While planning, find out the proper vehicle to use to your destination, the costs needed for the safari, the personal requirements to pack, and the necessary documents like the passports, national identity card, medical forms and many others. This planning and preparation will surely be a root to the success of your safari in the pearl of Africa during your self-drive safari.

Research about the destination

In preparation of the safari, get time and search about your safari destination and how safe the country is. The research will make your planning easy since you will get to know about the attractions and activities that can be done it that particular destination. Also, the research will help you know the best vehicle to hire for the journey.

Find out the requirements needed for a safari

After planning and researching about the safari destination, find out the suitable requirements for the safari including the clothes to wear at the destination, different documents like passports, driving license, medical forms and many others. Other requirements needed in a self-drive trip include the pair of binoculars, and a digital camera that will help your capture your best times.

Choose the best accommodation

A beautiful sleep creates perfect memories during any trip and a bad sleep erodes all the good experiences. For a successful self-drive safari in Uganda, choose the appropriate accommodation for the best and safe nights of your safari. When booking, keep some information of the reserved hotel like contacts which will easier the communication terms in case of delays or other inquiries.

Obey traffic rules and regulations

During your self-drive Uganda experience, avoid driving in late hours since you may not be able to tell the right conditions of the road to your destination. Avoiding night drives will definitely be one of your safeties since a number of Uganda roads do not have street lights and incase of any problem, getting assistance and help will be difficult during night hours.

Time management

For the success of your self-drive safari in Uganda, time management should be part of you at all times. This will help you spot various wildlife species like lions, leopards, African elephants, hyenas, tigers, buffalos, giraffes and many others during different park experiences like game drives, and nature walks in the plains of the parks

Have some extra money with you

For the success of your safari, it it’s always good not to rely on the expenses used during safari preparations. You should maintain some cash in your pocket that will help you buy the stuffs and some snacks that you forgot in the first place.

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