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What to Know About an All-inclusive Uganda Safari Tour

Many call it “the pearl of Africa” while others call it “gifted by nature”, Uganda is truly a prime tourism destination for nature fanatics. Uganda is an eco-tourism destination, most places explored are natured based and located in remote areas of the country.

Thereby requiring a tourist/traveler wishing to tour Uganda to get an expert in a local tour operator to plan for him/her a proper safari.  The local tour operators try to bring most of the travel items (tour activities, ground transportation, accommodation, and meals) that the Uganda safari tour encompasses around into one tour package for the travel which in context becomes an all-inclusive tour.

To put an all-inclusive Uganda safari tour, we bring to you some of the important things a traveler needs to know about it;

An all-inclusive Uganda safari tour comprises only the ground expenses incurred while traveling around the motherland. These expenses include the ground transportation (4×4 land cruiser car hire, fuel, safari guide), accommodation expenses (hotel expenses for nights spent while on the trip and meals taken while on a safari), and tourism destination expenses (park/site entrance fee and specific tourism activities expenses like game drive, boat ride, gorilla permits, chimp fees, nature walk and many more).

An all-inclusive Uganda safari tour is always found on the internet. Most of the local tour operators exhibit these kinds of tour packages on their websites through various itineraries a tourist would wish to choose from. The itineraries are designed based on the major touristic places to visit putting in check the location of the places. Any traveler who wishes to partake in one of the packages would inquire through an email and a reservation team replies accordingly and then a deal is struck upon the wishes of the traveler.

The payment for an all-inclusive Uganda safari tour is done in advance. When a client confirms with a local tour operator, he or she has to make payment for the trip a few months before traveling. This is because the booking for the different travel items like accommodation, transport and tourism activities has to be done beforehand due to the high demand for them. It is also done in advance to avoid panic attacks in the last moments of traveling. The payment is done in US dollars since it is the most popular currency in the world and also its inflation rate is very minimal thus setting up standard prices for the packages.

All-inclusive Uganda safari tours commonly revolve around visiting the different national parks of Uganda. Uganda has ten national parks for visitors to encounter and these have different wildlife species to excite the tourists. The most marketed national parks are Bwindi Impenetrable National park with the mountain gorillas, Murchison falls national park with a unique game drive and boat ride, Queen Elizabeth national park a medley of wonders, and Kibale national park the capital of small primates. In most all-inclusive Uganda safari tours, a traveler is most likely to find the aforementioned national park as a place to visit.

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