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Your Guide To Traveling Around Uganda By Car

Rental cars by far have become the favorite alternative for visitors to travel around Uganda Whether on self-drive safari or driver-guided safari. Hiring a full-time 4×4 rental car in Uganda is the wisest idea and amazingly, it is part of planning a successful Uganda safari. However, how you plan to get around Uganda with a rental car is vital as a first-time or repeat traveler.

Here are important tips to guide you on how to travel around Uganda with a rental car

Choose the right car

Visiting Uganda for self-drive or guided safari? Yes, rental cars make all Uganda safaris complete. But, essentially decide on the rental car to use for all your travels in Uganda- there are many rental car deals all over Uganda and not all are best suited for the purpose of your travel.

When hiring a car in Uganda, try to consider bigger rental car options but, they should be within your pocket range. Uganda is a naturally endowed destination with most of its interesting tourist sites widely spread in the remotest parts. This means you retire a good time exploring Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

There are different rental car choices including 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, Coaster Buses, Super Customs, Safari Vans, Toyota Rav4 rentals, and more. Find a rental car that is accommodative firstly, to your cargo and the rest of you to sit comfortably.

4×4 Rental Car should be your first priority

For all off-road trips, no rental car beats 4×4 car hire. Uganda protected areas plus other destinations are remotely located and the nature roads require robust 4×4 rental cars. By considering a 4×4 rental car, you will definitely have a magical Uganda road trip with your dear ones.

Observe driving etiquette at all times

  • Don’t drive when drunk or under influence of drugs.
  • Observe all road signs regardless of location.
  • Indicate to the next drive to alert him/her of your intentions.
  • Never drive when tired.
  • Ensure that you have a valid driver’s license while on a self-drive trip.
  • Read and understand all driving rules & regulations in the National Parks and Reserves.

Driving directions

Going on a Uganda self drive tour? Consider a GPS a must-have in your rental car to help you locate your destination. Some car hire companies provide GPS at free cost while others do charge a small amount to hire but you can as well come with yours in case you have one. Additionally, have road maps and when locating your routes, always try to double-check.

Know where to park

Parking security is key and most importantly, you don’t park anyhow. Most parking places do have attendants who look after the cars and luggage. Find a parking spot where you will be comfortable leaving your rental car.

Failure to find a secure parking with an attendant, please go with all the valuables- phones, laptops, cameras, money, and others. For all parking done on streets/supermarkets, ensure that the car is locked properly and don’t leave any sort of valuables unless you are in a position to monitor your vehicle at a distance.

Never drive at night

Driving at night is never acceptable and we encourage all our guests to leave early so as to reach their destinations early too. Late driving to new destinations comes with some challenges and worse of it, when you get to the remotest areas, there are no lights so it is the case with cities.

Equally, walking or running when it is dark isn’t good. This is especially while you are in cities, big towns, or other areas. Ensure that you have a headlamp if you are getting out of the lodge or while at the camp.

Check speed limits

Be watchful of the speed limit in Uganda. On a road trip, expect to meet traffic police on the way and you should try as much as you can to drive within the speed limits as indicated on the road signs. Driving in town or trading centers keep 30 to 50kms/hr and highway 70-100kms.

Road conditions

Uganda’s roads aren’t of the same standards as yours back home. Most of them aren’t tarmacked especially in the remote areas and they are dusty more so during the dry season. This requires a 4×4 rental car if you are planning to visit Uganda parks or other remotely located destinations.

Gas station stops

No petrol stations in the parks so, you must fill your car tank at the fuel station in the urban areas/trading centers. Don’t get stuck on a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, etc.

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